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NitroLite is a small text editor. It supports most of the features you expect from a full-priced editor. These include multi-level undo, syntax highlighting, handling multiple files and multiple views. With a disk foot print of around 100k and zero-hassle installation, you can copy it and run it without having to worry about installation problems. Click here for more information.
A simple SBVH file viewer. It uses OpenGL and lets you single step through a BVH file and view the skeleton from different camera angles. Click here for more information.
Clip Tool
A tiny yet useful tool for copying text to the clipboard from the command prompt. It can copy the output of any console application to the clipboard. When run without any input, it copies the current directory path to the clipboard. This is often useful when working with multiple command prompts. Click here for more information.
SymView is a small utility for examining symbols contained in an executable. It uses the dbghelp.dll library to enumerate the symbols and displays them in a simple list. Click here for more information.