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Clip Tool

Clip Tool is a simple command line utility for copying text to the clipboard. When run without any command line options, by default Clip Tool copies the current directory path to the clipboard. This can be very useful when working with multiple command prompts.

You can copy the full path to a file by passing the filename as the first argument.

Clip Tool can also be used to copy the output of any console mode applications and shell commands. For example: dir *.txt | ct.exe will execute the directory listing command and copy the output to the clipboard.

You can download ct.exe from here.

ct.exe Clipboard tool
Copyright 2009 SaneStudios.com
Clip tool copies the contents of the standard input to the clipboard.
If the standard input is empty, it copies the current working directory path to
the clipboard.


(1) ct
Result: Current directory path is copied to the clipboard.

(2) ct filename
Result: Full path to the specified file is copied to the clipboard.

(3) dir | ct
Result: Directory listing is copied to the clipboard.
dir is only an example.  You can use any program that produces console output.

(4) ct < file_name.txt.
Result: The contents of file_name.txt are copied to the clipboard