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  • Support for saving with Unix or Dos line endings
    • The status bar now displays the line ending type of the document when it was last loaded or saved. There are 3 supported values: Unix (\n), Dos (\r\n) Mixed (a mix or \r\n and \n)
    • The Save As dialog now allows you to choose the line ending type. By default it keeps the same type that the document had (Unix or Dos). For documents that are Mixed, it defaults to saving with Dos line endings.
  • Fixed a problem with HTML syntax highlighting that caused an infinite loop in some cases.
  • Additional bug fix to improve handling of HTML syntax highlighting if the embedded javscript syntax coloring engine was not found.
  • Fixed problem with replace in selection not replacing enough instances if the replacement text is longer than the text being replaced.
  • Command window will now scroll horizontally when needed.
  • You can now paste into the command window (or the active document) by using the system menu (Alt+Space -> 'E' -> 'P') similar to console windows.
  • Command window completion allows you to complete a path without a specified command. This allows you to use the command window to locate and execute commands similar to the normal Windows command prompt.
  • When the replace tabs with spaces option is enabled, the backspace key handling recognizes the deletion of leading spaces on the current line. In this case n2 now deletes enough characters to put the insertion point on the previous tabstop. In cases where this behavior is not desired, you can select the characters you want to delete using Shift+Left arrow (or any other selection method) and then pressing backspace or delete.
  • Improved accuracy of selection when using the mouse to select.
  • Improved handling of Ctrl+Tab. It now behaves just like Alt+Tab in the shell, allowing the user to quickly Ctrl+Tab back to the previously active document.
  • Improved handling of the escape key when an output window has the focus. It now switches back to the previously active document. Previously it switch to the document that preceded the output window in the window menu.
  • New icon.
  • Another update to Ctrl+X and Ctrl+C with no selection. Pasting a single line in this case will paste the new text at the beginning of the line.
  • Changes to Ctrl+X and Ctrl+C. n2 will now cut / copy the current line if the selection is empty.
  • Added support for selecting the current word using Ctrl+W
  • Fixed issues with smooth mouse wheel scrolling. n2 will now also honor the system settings for the number of lines to scroll.
  • Added support for handling '/' in command line paths. This enables n2.exe to be used as the editor for GIT (msysGIT).
  • Support for opening files that contain embedded \0s. Note the \0s are converted to spaces.
  • Some performance improvements when dealing with very large files.
  • Fixed a caret positioning bug that sometimes caused a crash.
  • Fixed a bug with opening readonly binary files.
  • Implemented case insensitive search for binary files.
  • Files that don't contain an explicit BOM are now opened using CP_ACP instead of UTF8. This fixes problems with files that contains high ASCII characters (e.g. "smart quotes").
  • Option for displaying variable width line numbers. The new option can be found under Tools->Options->General->Variable width (next to the Show Line Numbers checkbox).
  • Implemented # comment command for use in n2 script files as a single line comment.
  • The syntax highlighting is now updated when saving an untitled file (or save as with a different extension).
  • Fixed a hard to reproduce problem with detecting when files are changed when the file is on a FAT partition (thanks to Adam for the repro and the debugging help).
  • Fixed a crash when a custom syntax engine definition contains multiple spaces in the keyword list.
  • Nitrol now checks for modified files after running an external tool.
  • Ctrl+T in a text view, makes the current line the top line.
  • Implemented quit (q) and quit! (q!) commands. q will ask to save changes before existing.
    q! will force shutdown without prompting to save changs.
  • Support for editing binary files. Modified bytes are displayed in a different color. This color can be customized in the Tools->Options dialog.
  • Bookmark command now accepts a line number as a parameter. If no line number is specified, it toggles the bookmark on the active line.
  • Added a new command: run filename. This command allows you to run a simple series of n2 commands from a file.
  • Added support for a new command line option: -r filename. Runs the specified script file.
  • Added support for session files. A session file remembers what files are opened, as well as bookmarks and the current line for each file. To create a session file for the first time, run the ss filename.ns command from the command window. To load a session file during startup use use the -r filename.ns command line option. If you already have a session loaded, you can just use the ss commands without any parameters.
  • Fixed a hard to reproduce crash after finding text.
  • Ctrl+F3 now uses the selection (if the selection doesn't span more than one line). If there is no selection, it tries to get the current word.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying the indentation guide when using tabs.
  • Fixed a problem with the binary viewer not repainting when needed in some cases.
  • Added support for displaying an indentation guide. It shows where the position of tab stops up to the first non-whitespace character. This feature is on by default. To disable it, go to Tools->Options->General and uncheck the Show indentation guide box. The color of the column guide and indentation guide is now independent from the margin color and can be set through Tools->Options->Colors->Guide->Background
  • Added support for quickly increasing and decreasing the font size by using Ctrl+Mouse Wheel.
  • The new font size is displayed in the status bar. Note that it is not saved into the permanent settings unless you go to Tools->Options and then press OK.
  • Fixed a minor coloring problem with the HTML syntax highlighting.
  • Matching paren and brace coloring now works on JS and PHP embedded in HTML.
  • Only the HTML syntax engine will match <> preventing confusing highlighting in other engines.
  • Added a new feature to quickly switch between files. Pressing Ctrl+1 -> Ctrl+0 will go to the file with the specified number (as displayed in the Window menu) HTML syntax engine now supports highlighting of embedded javascript and php code.
  • HTML syntax engine now supports highlighting of embedded javascript and php code. To use this feature, you need to add the following to your n2.ini file:
  • [Engine_JS]
    Keywords=break else new var case finally return void catch for switch while continue function this with default if throw delete in try do instanceof typeof abstract enum int short boolean export interface static byte extends long super char final native synchronized class float package throws const goto private transient debugger implements protected volatile double import public null

    Keywords=and or xor __FILE__ exception __LINE__ array as break case class const continue declare default die do echo else elseif empty enddeclare endfor endforeach endif endswitch endwhile eval exit extends for foreach function global if include include_once isset list new print require require_once return static switch unset use var while __FUNCTION__ __CLASS__ __METHOD__ final php_user_filter interface implements extends public privateprotected abstract clone try catch throw cfunction


  • Fixed a mouse wheel scrolling problem introduced in the last version
  • Binary viewer: implemented mouse wheel support
  • Added support for multiple single line comment prefixes. To specify additional prefixes add CommentStart_d=string where d is a number between 1 and 4.
  • Scrolling with the mouse wheel now correctly stops at the end of the document.
  • Fixed a problem with tracking of file changes that made files opened from a network share ask to be reloaded when the file hasn't changed. The problem was due to using the local system time instead of getting the time from the network share.
  • New feature: find and replace dialogs now have a drop down with recent strings.
  • Fixed a recently introduced bug with caret positioning during macro playback.
  • Added support for Ctrl+Up / Down in the binary viewer to scroll.
  • Fixed an issue with custom highlighting of batch files. Now a custom engine makes a distinction when the single line comment prefix is a word.
v2.0033 features and changes:
  • Implemented Goto Offset for the binary viewer (press Ctrl+G while in a binary view).
  • Fixed a problem with binary view not displaying the caret when switching between documents
  • Fixed a crash when copying an empty selection in the binary view
  • Fixed some caret and painting problems with the binary view
v2.0032 features and changes:
  • The cd command did not handle quotes properly, so trying to cd "\Documents and Settings" would fail. This problem was fixed.
  • Some small performance improvements
v2.0031 features and changes:
  • Binary viewer improvements:
    Fixed a bug with the Select All functionality
    Added support for copying the selection (Ctrl+C) to the clipboard (bytes only)
  • Fixed a bug with finding text. If you used the find dialog and the match was at the end of the line, the last character would not be selected.
  • Fixed a bug with Replace All where the code didn't account for the length of the text being replaced to determine the end for the document.
  • Fixed a bug with syntax highlighting files that have multiple '.' in the name
  • Improved output window handling to understand output from build.exe on multiproc machines (skips the digit followed by '>' at the start of the line.
v2.0030 features and changes:
  • The Window->Close menu item will no longer close the last open window.
  • Fixed a problem with opening quoted file names from the command window.
  • Custom syntax coloring engines specified in the ini file can now override the colors. The following values are supported: TextFg, TextBg, CommentFg, CommentBg, LongCommentFg, LongCommentBg, StringFg, StringBg, KeywordFg, KeywordBg, NumberFg, NumberBg
  • You can create a custom colored HTML based syntax engine by specifying HTML=1 in the engine's ini file section. For an HTML based engine you can override the following in addition to TextFg, TextBg: HtmlTagFg, HtmlTagBg, HtmlAttrFg, HtmlAttrBg, HtmlAttrValueFg, HtmlAttrValueBg, HtmlAttrQuotedValueFg, HtmlAttrQuotedValueBg, HtmlCommentFg, HtmlCommentBg, HtmlPunctFg, HtmlPunctBg
  • Changed the search order for syntax engines so that custom engines can override built in engines.
  • Added a menu item (Tools->Command Window) to improve discoverability of the command window.
  • Reduced the number of gdi objects that are created.
v2.0029 features and changes:
  • Fixed a problem with word breaking logic.
  • Added an option to show/hide the line numbers for the textview. Settable in the options dialog under the General tab (or ShowLineNumbers=0 under general in the ini file).
  • Fixed a problem with tabstops not being updated correctly when fonts are changed at runtime.
  • Added a new command line option (/b or -b) to force opening files in binary mode.
  • Added support for "console mode". To enable type "console 1" in the command window. In this mode all command line output goes to one "Output" window. Type "cls" in the command window to clear the display.
  • Added support for the "opened" command. This displays a list of the opened file names in the output window. You can double click (or press return) on a file to open it. Note that this command does not require "console mode" to be enabled.
v2.0028 features and changes:
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when typing a brace character.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when running external tools (timing dependent).
  • Fixed a word breaking problem at the beginning of the line. Symptoms including that a leading tab would be selected when double clicking the first word on a line.
v2.0027 features and changes:
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when typing a matchable character.
v2.0026 features and changes:
  • New Icon.
  • Added support for Save As->ANSI (UTF8 without BOM), Unicode, Unicode (Big Endian), UTF8 (with BOM).
  • Added support for specifying file types. Tools->Options->General->File Types. Format is as follows: Type1 (*.ext1)|*.ext1|Type2 (*.ext2)|*.ext2...
  • Fixed an intermittent crash on reload
v2.0025 features and changes:
  • Improved terminal server rendering to not flicker.
  • Added support for brace and paranthensis coloring to make it easier to see pairs of braces etc.
v2.0024 features and changes:
  • Fixed a regression introduced in v2.0020 that caused the HTML syntax highlighting to not work.